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The current featured photographer is Phil Davis - The Dexter Portfolio.


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Call for Photographs

We're ready to inaugurate the BTZS.org Gallery so we're putting out a call for photographs. There are only a few restrictions, the main one being that the exhibitor will have to scan the prints (or have someone else do it) before they can be accepted; paper prints can't be used.

Since this is a BTZS site, it follows that we'd like to feature work that has been produced using BTZS principles. That more or less limits the entries to B&W prints from large-format cameras but that's not an inflexible rule. Color is obviously not appropriate, but there are no restrictions on subject matter, as long as it's legal and you are the copyright holder.

Exhibitors may submit up to 15 images, scanned at a resolution high enough to display well and be no more that 450 pixels in height with a reasonable width (we will make some exceptions here for odd sized work). Images should be compressed using JPEG compression and should be no larger than 300k each. Each exhibition will remain on view for about one month, and will then be archived.

If you're interested in having your work displayed in this exclusive venue, please accompany your scanned images with a brief statement, including your name and a sufficient description of your background and interests to introduce yourself and your work to the viewers. We'd also like to know what metering methods you used, and whether you use any of the BTZS software (Plotter, Matcher, ExpoDev) or the PowerDial in your work. Include a scanned picture of yourself if you'd like to; we'll make a color exception here, a scanned slide image is fine.

Submissions will be posted on a first come first serve basis.  Please send your submissions to Admin@btzs.org

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