The Photographs of Francis Cicoli Abad

Francis Cicoli Abad

My name is Francesco Cicoli Abad. I am a fine art photographer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

I started in LF photography in 1996 - I took a workshop with Fred Newman. It was he who got me started in LF and BTZS techniques. Over the years I have slowly weaned myself from using a handheld computer. I now carry a small notebook with me in the field containing all the different exposure iterations for all the different SBRs that one may encounter. I find this quick and convenient to use. It is amazing how BTZS has liberated me from the concerns of technique. I can concentrate fully on composition and focus. BTZS has given me a motto when taking photos: "One Neg - One Shot".

All photographs are scans of contact prints made from 8x10 inch black and white in-camera negatives using a Wisner Expedition wooden field camera.

The films used are Efke PL100, Classic/Fortepan 200 or Classic/Fortepan 400. The films are developed in Sandy King's Pyrocat HD formula using BTZS-style tubes.

My paper of choice is Kodak's silver chloride contact printing paper, AZO. The AZO contact prints are split-developed in Agfa Neutol WA and Moersch Pyrocatechol in order to achieve a unique and excellent tonal rendition and colour.

Simplicity is Elegance. There is a dignity to the contact print that makes me keep coming back for more, and more, and even more. I am enjoying photography for the first time. It has helped define part of who I am. I am truly excited at this new endeavor, this new direction in my professional and artistic life.

Many thanks,
Francesco Cicoli Abad