The Photographs of Russ Gilbert

Russ Gilbert

For Nearly 20 Years I Have Been Using The BTZS System. I  have worked with Phil for 12 years in workshops and one on one. I am currently working with the National Parks at Mesa Verde updating photographs of their archeology sights through out the park. My first choice is my 7x17 and 12x20 camera when I can get them into the ruins. If not I use my Arca Swiss 4x5 and make enlargement negatives for contact printing.

Russ Gilbert

Artist Commentary:

The first three images were made in 1989. Callanish is in the outer Hebrides Scotland. The tomb was made in Ireland. This was a project I worked on during the summer of that year. All three were shot with my 4x5 field camera on Tri-x film, trey processed in D-76 and contacted onto Portriga silver paper and selenium toned.

The next two images from Keet Seel were made last year. Shot on 4x5 with 6x12 roll back. Tri-x film processed in D-76 in small tank. Poncho House was made in 1997 and shot on 8x10 format. Tri-x film processed in D-76 using the BTZS tube. Printed in Platinum/Palladium.

The last 3 images are of the lighthouse Keepers. The Manned light house project started when I discovered in the late 80"s that there were only 10 manned light stations left in the U.S. During the summer of 1988 I traveled to each on of the 10 lights to make images and documented the keepers and their family's at these lights. After that I started to travel outside the U.S. to do the same in other countries that were well on their way to automation as well. Iceland, England, Ireland, Canada and Scotland.

Boston Light From Tower. This is the only remaining manned light station in the U.S. It remains manned for sentimental reasons. It was the first light house established in the New World. When it is demanned, this view from the tower will no longer be seen from its human inhabitancy.

Wicklow Light, Ireland. This image was made before Automation in 1989.

Keeper in Watch room, Scotland. After Automation the keepers log is no longer recorded. In the early days of light keeping this is the only recorded history of the weather.

3 stones @ Callanish
Callanish Stones
Megalithic Tomb
Keet Seel 2
Keet Seel
Pancho House
boston light from tower72dp
keeper at wicklow tower72dp
Keeper in watchroom