Jeff White

My name is Jeff White. I am a photography hobbyist and have been for more than 20 years. I have also worked in the photo lab business for 20 years starting at a large wholesale lab and now work at a 1-Hour lab operating a Fuji Frontier. I became interested in black and white early on in my photography hobby. Because I enjoy working in the darkroom, I moved from 35mm to 4x5 very quickly. I began using the Zone System in the mid-80's and attended the Ansel Adams Workshop in '89. I remember during my first print critique the Stu Levy said that I would benefit if I learned the Zone System (I thought I already knew the zone system).  He was right, I knew how the zone system worked but I did not apply it properly. In the early 90's I read Beyond the Zone System and this approach to photography really appealed to me. I have used the Plotter program and the Casio FX-795 computer for exposure and development. In the last couple of months I have upgraded to the Windows Plotter program and the ExpoDev program for the Palm and I am enjoying using both of these new items. You can see more of my photos at www.jeffsphotos.com



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2003 Jeff White