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ExpoDev Export files for special film tests

ExpoDev's and Plotter's ability to work together provide for an unprecedented ability to leverage your working materials of choice to craft your photographic vision. However Plotter was designed to help you gain an understanding of materials working in average conditions. There are times though when you may need to step outside of the analysis capabilities that Plotter for Windows provides, such as with Phil Davis's special series of Lo Contrast test data as recently published in the D-Max newsletter.

Since Plotter wasn't designed to analyze film tests that step this far outside the box, this also prevents the exporting of this special test data to ExpoDev as well. However there is a solution. Phil has hand plotted a few of these special tests and we have taken that data and produce ExpoDev XDF Export files for others to use. We have done this for the following films and ES values:

  • TMX DI#13 1+9, ES=1.05 (Lo Contrast G range of 0.21 - 0.38)
  • Acros DI#13 1+9, ES=1.05 (Lo Contrast G range of 0.21 - 0.40)
  • APX100 DI#13 1+9, ES=1.05 (Lo Contrast G range of 0.23 - 0.46)
  • D-100 DDX 1+9, ES=1.05 (Lo Contrast G range of 0.22 - 0.41)
  • TMY DDX 1+9, ES=1.05 (Lo Contrast G range of 0.25 - 0.46)

While you will be limited to the ES values that these files were analyzed with you can still tweak them a little by adjusting the ES value in ExpoDev once these files are imported into ExpoDev.

Click here to download the collection of ExpoDev XDF export files.



2002 Phil Davis