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BTZS Plotter is a graphing and analysis program for photographers who are interested in investigating the characteristics of their black-and-white films, papers, and developers. It accepts density data derived from sensitometric tests of these materials and produces characteristic curve families and charts that summarize the curve data. This graphic presentation makes objective comparisons easy, and reveals materialsí characteristics that may not be discovered by conventional test methods.

Note: This program was originally written for Macintosh computers and is capable of opening and working with Macintosh PlotterPlus files. It is also capable of opening files created with the DOS version of Plotter. Here is a special note from Phil Davis on upgrading to Plotter for Windows.

For Macintosh users that wish to use the latest version of Plotter you can do so by running it under Bootcamp, Parallels, Crossover, or Fusion.

To learn more about BTZS Plotter and how to use it we've placed the documentation online here (this link will open in a new window).

We've also placed some screen shots here. If you would like to try the demo version, click here.

Plotter for Windows requires Windows 98 or later (including all versions of Windows Vista & Windows 7).

BTZS Plotter for Windows is distributed exclusively by the TinyOctopus, LLC.

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