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Plotter for Windows Demo

The Plotter for Windows demo is a special version of the Plotter program with a few features disabled*.  This demo version installs 3 samples documents, one film test, one paper test, and one sample Matcher document showing how the gradation matching feature works. With these documents you should be able to get a feel for how the program works.  In addition the demo version install the full product documentation in the form on online help files. Please see the ReadMe file for more information.

Download the Plotter for Windows demo by clicking here.

*Disabled features

  • Creating or saving Film, Paper, or Matcher documents.
  • Printing (print preview works though).
  • Exporting film test data for use in ExpoDev (only the final save is disabled).
  • Editing data points for film and paper files.
  • Importing curves from other Plotter files.

Note: This program was originally written for Macintosh computers and is capable of opening and working with Macintosh PlotterPlus files. It is also capable of opening files created with the DOS version of Plotter.

For Macintosh users that wish to use the latest version of Plotter you can do so by running it under Bootcamp, Parallels, or Fusion.

Plotter for Windows requires Windows 98 or later (including all versions of Windows Vista & Windows 7).

Plotter for Windows is distributed exclusively by the View Camera Store.

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