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Phil Davis - The Dexter Portfolio

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I thought that photographers interested in BTZS would like to see photographs by Phil Davis, since he rarely published his work. In fact when he did the 4th edition of his Beyond the Zone System he asked his students to submit photographs for his book. I have a photograph in the book for chapter 6 - Testing your materials. The rest of the photographs are by his students. The two things that Phil loved the best were teaching and sensitometry.

This limited edition Dexter portfolio by the late photo educator Phil Davis consists of ten archival-processed prints measuring 7-1/2x9-1/2 inches on 14x15-1/4 inch boards except for two of the prints which measure 6-3/4 inches high. The prints themselves are 8x10 contact prints on gold-toned Kodak AZO paper. It consists of 10 environmental portraits all done in natural light. Dexter is a small town in Michigan where all the portraits were taken. The portfolio was a test of Phil's incident system and BTZS (Beyond the Zone System). Phil taught using the incident meter as part of his BTZS workshops and it is discussed in his Beyond the Zone System book 4ht Edition and his BTZS Workshop video.

I hope you enjoy these photographs by Phil Davis.

Fred Newman

2003 Phil Davis