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wish list 
chris  11:42 7 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
David Jade  20:06 9 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
chris  8:48 10 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
chris  2:26 30 Jul 16 
film curves 
chris  15:59 22 Sep 12 
Re: film curves 
David Jade  18:04 26 Sep 12 
No, ExpoDev for iOS does not come with any film profiles (other than two samples which can be downloaded). However, you can use any existing Palm film profiles if you have them. You just need to transfer them to the iOS device (email yourself the .XDF file as an attachment is easiest).

The thing to be aware of is, those Palm film tests library files are really old now. Several films have changed since then and this is why I have been hesitant to re-release them with the new app.

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Re: film curves 
chris  11:34 27 Sep 12 
BTZS ExpoDev v1.1 is now available 
David Jade  12:55 23 Apr 12 
ExpoDev for iOS has been released! 
David Jade  17:26 9 Mar 12 
Re: ExpoDev for iOS has been released! 
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