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wish list 
chris  11:42 7 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
David Jade  20:06 9 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
chris  8:48 10 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
chris  2:26 30 Jul 16 
film curves 
chris  15:59 22 Sep 12 
Does this new version of Expo Dev for the iOS have the film curves that were included in the older version that ran on Palm devices?

I know it is probably heresy to say this but I never did my own testing because I use Pyrocat HD and don't have the proper densitometer. I mainly use the software for recording exposures and other data. I have a handle on my exposure/development process for the paper I use, Lodima.

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Re: film curves 
David Jade  18:04 26 Sep 12 
Re: film curves 
chris  11:34 27 Sep 12 
BTZS ExpoDev v1.1 is now available 
David Jade  12:55 23 Apr 12 
ExpoDev for iOS has been released! 
David Jade  17:26 9 Mar 12 
Re: ExpoDev for iOS has been released! 
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