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deleting films in expodev for ios 
shannon stoney  9:34 1 Aug 18 
expodev for android 
Brian  19:31 24 May 14 
DOF check tab 
John Stout  10:58 27 Jul 13 
Re: DOF check tab 
David Jade  14:18 28 Jul 13 
Re: DOF check tab 
David Jade  15:27 28 Jul 13 
expoDev with mac 
shannon stoney  12:00 2 Jan 13 
I used to run ExpoDev on a palm, like a lot of people, but now I'd like to switch to running it on an ipod. I have a (sort of) new Macbook Pro. I think I still have to do the Boot Camp thing and install Windows to run the Plotter program first, don't I? And then ExpoDev for iOS will then sync with Plotter in the same way it did when it was a Palm program?

Which version of Windows works best with ExpoDev for iOS?
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Re: expoDev with mac 
David Jade  13:36 2 Jan 13 
Re: expoDev with mac 
shannon stoney  14:49 2 Jan 13 
wish list 
chris  11:42 7 Oct 12 
Re: wish list 
David Jade  20:06 9 Oct 12 >> Forums home page Last Updated: 22 Aug 2002