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Light sensitivity of the stopped negative 
David B. Mark  12:07 24 Sep 02 
Is a sheet film negative that has been developed and then promptly plunged into an acid stop bath still subject to damage from exposure to light?

I have been developing my sheet film negatives by hand inversion in a six film-single reel Jobo tank. I would like to switch to BTZS tubes for the ease of developing simultaneously several films at different times -- or even different developers. It occurred to me that if I could take the tube-developed and stopped negatives and, in dim room light, put them on a jobo reel and then into a tank it would simplify the process of thoroughly fixing and washing the negatives. (I could agitate the tank on a roller base to fix the negatives, and wash them in the tank with Jobo's washer attachment.) It occurred to me, however, that carefully loading the stopped films onto a reel will take a minute or two, even with some light in the room. In that time, particularly the first films on the reel would be exposed to a good deal more light than they were sitting in open tubes in the stop bath.

I had always been taught that a film is light sensitive until it has been in the fixer. Is that, in fact, incorrect?

I doubt that it would work to turn off the lights and load the stopped negatives onto reels in the dark. The risk of mishandling the wet negaitves is too great.

I would appreciate any light (or dark) anyone can shed on this question.
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Re: Light sensitivity of the stopped negative 
Phil Davis  17:58 24 Sep 02 
Roll film use and BTZS 
Phil  12:25 1 Sep 02 
How to Use Personal Speed Point 
M E CARBOY  0:02 1 Sep 02 
Re: How to Use Personal Speed Point 
Phil Davis  8:40 1 Sep 02 
Re: How to Use Personal Speed Point 
M E CARBOY  11:26 1 Sep 02 
Re: How to Use Personal Speed Point 
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