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Metering cityscape at night. 
Thorsten Latz  4:31 30 May 15 
Re: Metering cityscape at night. 
Ben Wilbur  9:39 18 Jul 15 
"flare density" 
Craig  9:49 26 Apr 15 
Re: Flare density 
Ben Wilbur  9:25 18 Jul 15 
Craig:Subject eminates form stray light bouncing off lens
thru bellows, etc. It's an equipment issue. See Davis" text for discussions. The program has a .02 flare density
as a default, but one can change it in the Winplotter (WP) prgm. I believe it's only used in the incident system.
Zone shooters ignore it. It may be taken into account by the initial Zone system film speed calibration. In Davis' earlier work, all BTZS density data included B+F density. As his ideas progressed, he made compromises and the WP no longer uses B+F. In part it may be the result of current films which show higher B+F than earlier versions. Send me an Email if you have any ?'s regarding testing, EFS, etc. Ben Wilbur

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Metering flash 
Trig  19:21 8 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  15:17 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
trig  16:30 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  7:14 9 Apr 15 
Using a condenser light source. 
Dr. Elliot Puritz  16:11 26 Feb 12 
Re: Using a condenser light source. 
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