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Metering cityscape at night. 
Thorsten Latz  4:31 30 May 15 
Hi everybody.

I'll go on a two month business trip to New Jersey on Monday and I plan to take my 4x5 Shen Hao with me. As I will be pretty close to New York City (less than 25 miles), I will probably spent a weekend or two there.

So now a problem gets more imminent, that I have been thinking about for some time. How do you make a perfect exposure of a cityscape during night. I think you all know the typical nighttime pictures of Manhattan. I know, they have been shot to death, but if I go there, I have to do it kill it a little more.

I use a film profile (Ilford Delta 100) in my iPod touch, so I can use the spot metering with the zone system as well as the incident metering in the exposure table. The only problem is the metering.

I use a Sekonic 508 with incident and spot metering and a Minolta Autometer IV F with incident or reflection metering.

The spot of the Seconic cannot measure below I thing EV1, the incidentmetering from several hundred yards distance will never catch the light hitting the buildings of the city and the reflection metering (after removing the dome of the Minolta) cannot be aimed for light or shadow areas.

So how do you meter a scene like this (Not NYC but a good example):

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Re: Metering cityscape at night. 
Ben Wilbur  9:39 18 Jul 15 
"flare density" 
Craig  9:49 26 Apr 15 
Re: Flare density 
Ben Wilbur  9:25 18 Jul 15 
Metering flash 
Trig  19:21 8 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  15:17 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
trig  16:30 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  7:14 9 Apr 15 
Using a condenser light source. 
Dr. Elliot Puritz  16:11 26 Feb 12 
Re: Using a condenser light source. 
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