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Metering cityscape at night. 
Thorsten Latz  4:31 30 May 15 
Re: Metering cityscape at night. 
Ben Wilbur  9:39 18 Jul 15 
"flare density" 
Craig  9:49 26 Apr 15 
Re: Flare density 
Ben Wilbur  9:25 18 Jul 15 
Metering flash 
Trig  19:21 8 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  15:17 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
trig  16:30 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  7:14 9 Apr 15 
Using a condenser light source. 
Dr. Elliot Puritz  16:11 26 Feb 12 
Re: Using a condenser light source. 
David Jade  17:34 27 Feb 12 
There is nothing in Plotter that would be able to make a specific compensation of any sort for something like this. To Plotter, it doesn't matter what the light source is - it just matters what the input test data values are.

I suspect that there will be little to no difference in the results though. Since everything is contact printed during testing I wouldn't think the type of illumination would affect the tests all that much if at all as long as the light is evenly distributed.

If it turn out that there is some difference and it turns out to be a linear difference, then you can use Plotter's exposure adjustment factor. That's about the only option though.
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