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Metering cityscape at night. 
Thorsten Latz  4:31 30 May 15 
Re: Metering cityscape at night. 
Ben Wilbur  9:39 18 Jul 15 
"flare density" 
Craig  9:49 26 Apr 15 
Re: Flare density 
Ben Wilbur  9:25 18 Jul 15 
Metering flash 
Trig  19:21 8 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  15:17 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
trig  16:30 9 Nov 13 
Re: Metering flash 
Ben Wilbur  7:14 9 Apr 15 
Using a condenser light source. 
Dr. Elliot Puritz  16:11 26 Feb 12 
I have posted the same information on a few of the other forums. Please excuse the redundancy, but I wanted to elicit the maximum number of responses!

I have a considerable number of film curves done with 4x5 sheet film and drawn on plotter assuming that a diffusion light source is used. I have tested my commonly used papers as well, but testing on a step wedge with a diffusion light source. I am curious: Can the same film data be used BUT the parameters in plotter changed so that plotter can furnish reliable exposure and development information for a POINT source ( condenser head )in ExpoDev? Of course, the film has to be developed to a certain, the same question obtains regarding the paper-or will the ES values be so different that the data used for a diffusion head will be unusable? I will pose the same questions on a few other forums. Thanks for helping.

Incidentally, does anyone think that enlarments made with a condenser enlarger ( 4x5 to 8x10 or 11x14-most often the former ) are any "better ( sharper, more contrasty, anything!? ) then those made with the more usual diffusion enlarger?

Unfortunately...little action on the BTZS site....oh well.

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Re: Using a condenser light source. 
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