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Re: Paper speeds 
Phil  8:52 3 Nov 02 
Larry --

My guess is that you overexposed!

Seriously, papers vary in speed and although a stop-and--a-half is rather a lot, it's not impossible. You'll almost always have to zero in on proper exposure by making test strips, but you can get a ballpark estimate of relative printing speeds by running Plotter to find the speed point locations of the papers your interested in.

If you're uncertain about how to do that, let me know.
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To the Newbies out there 
Phil  19:05 24 Oct 02 
Re: To the Newbies out there 
howard schwartz  20:05 24 Oct 02 
Clay Harmon  12:23 13 Oct 02 
Re: DI#13 
Phil  15:07 13 Oct 02 
Re: DI#13 
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