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BTZS for scanning 
Michael Pry  4:14 6 Apr 18 
Re: BTZS for scanning 
Miles Nelson  13:09 12 May 18 
I use BTZS exclusively to produce high quality negatives . The better the negative the better the scan. Move mid-level scanners don't do well with overly dense or significantly thin negatives if the intent is to get a full tone range without digital noise and artifacts. with BTZS techniques one can nail down the best tonal scale and density for the best digital output your particular scanner can produce . for me I strive to produce negatives that easily print on grade 1.5 to 2.0 silver gelatin papers .. . for me those negatives that are produced say for Pd/Pt (high density) or heavy stained pyro negative are problematic to scan with my scanner . That being said a well produced BTZS negative will easily scan and for my purpose produce very nice enlarged digital negatives for alt. printing.
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Re: BTZS for scanning 
Mike   15:22 20 May 18 
How active is the BTZS-community? 
Filip Lenrick  6:59 11 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
shannon  8:17 23 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
Filip Lenrick  4:58 26 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
Miles Nelson  12:57 12 May 18 
DIY Tubes 
Rich Danilchak  0:21 29 Oct 15 
Re: DIY Tubes 
Ben Wilbur  14:31 2 Nov 15 
Any interest in Mathematica code for Sanity Check ? 
Harold Cohen  20:11 15 Jul 14 >> Forums home page Last Updated: 22 Aug 2002