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BTZS for scanning 
Michael Pry  4:14 6 Apr 18 
Re: BTZS for scanning 
Miles Nelson  13:09 12 May 18 
Re: BTZS for scanning 
Mike   15:22 20 May 18 
How active is the BTZS-community? 
Filip Lenrick  6:59 11 Sep 16 
I'm new here, and am curious about the BTZS-community. I read Phil Davis' book on BTZS not long ago and found that it dealt with everything that I felt lacking in the classic zone system (or how I use it anyway). I especially liked how BTZS deals with EFS and SBR, and the tubes seem very appropriate for the way I photograph also, since I hate waiting for enough N+2 negatives etc to fill one "development batch".

When looking around online is seems that the alternative processing community (particularly wet plate collodion) is very active with meeting and workshops etc, but there is not much buzz around BTZS. I guess celluloid film is also an alternative process nowdays, but from the late 1900 rather than from the mid 1800, and BTZS is possibly its last major innovation (and therefore the peak of celluloid film photography?). When reading the old DMax newsletters, it sound like the BTZS community was full of people and activity back in the late 1990's and early 2000's. But what is it like now?

I've had brief email exchanges with Fred Newman from the View Camera Store, so I assume there is at least a core of enthusiasts left.

/Filip from Sweden
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Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
shannon  8:17 23 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
Filip Lenrick  4:58 26 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
Miles Nelson  12:57 12 May 18 
DIY Tubes 
Rich Danilchak  0:21 29 Oct 15 
Re: DIY Tubes 
Ben Wilbur  14:31 2 Nov 15 
Any interest in Mathematica code for Sanity Check ? 
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