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How active is the BTZS-community? 
Filip Lenrick  6:59 11 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
shannon  8:17 23 Sep 16 
Re: How active is the BTZS-community? 
Filip Lenrick  4:58 26 Sep 16 
DIY Tubes 
Rich Danilchak  0:21 29 Oct 15 
Re: DIY Tubes 
Ben Wilbur  14:31 2 Nov 15 
Any interest in Mathematica code for Sanity Check ? 
Harold Cohen  20:11 15 Jul 14 
Film/Developer recommendation for BTZS 
Michael S  18:13 21 May 13 
I have recently decided to take the plunge into large format photography. I've tried various film and developer combinations in 35mm and medium format, but I would really like to standardize my large format experience around one or maybe two film/developer combinations. I've been reading about BTZS, and intend to use this system.

I'm looking for a recommendation for film and developer combinations that work well with BTZS and tube development. I'm primarily interested in landscape and architecture photography. I'd like a slow to medium speed film with minimal grain. I'd rather use liquid developers vs. mixing my own, but that's not a requirement. I also want to be mindful regarding which films and developers will likely be around five or ten years from now.

With 35mm and medium format, my favorite film is probably Fuji Acros with T-Max 100 being a close second. I also really like Pan-F, unfortunately it's not made in large format. I'm certainly not opposed to switching to an Ilford film like Delta 100 or FP4. In fact, given the current uncertainty surrounding the future of Kodak and Fuji film, I may prefer to use exclusively Ilford for large format.

As for developers, I've used Ilford DD-X in the past with mixed results (it was the first developer I ever used, so I probably didn't have my process down very well yet.) I like Kodak T-Max developer. I've used and like XTOL, but didn't enjoy mixing it. I also liked Perceptol with Pan-F, but it's quite expensive. Again, I'm looking for a fine grain developer that will likely be around for a while.

I should add that I intend to use the film testing service provided by the View Camera Store.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I appreciate any advice you can provide.
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Re: Film/Developer recommendation for BTZS 
Luigi Pasto  11:25 28 May 13 
Re: Film/Developer recommendation for BTZS 
David Jade  16:35 28 May 13 
Re: Film/Developer recommendation for BTZS 
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